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How To

If you need to schedule a trip or ask a question about crappie fishing in general, feel free to send me an e-mail.

When requesting a trip don't forget to include the dates and type of fishing you want.

You can also give me a call if your in the area.
(972) 245-9311

Fishing Video
Come along for the first in a series of instructional videos from the Crappie King himself. Ernest Paty is quite arguably the best all around crappie fisherman of our era!! Join him as he teaches a live seminar, on the basics of crappie fishing.
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I'm convinced, y'all. Ernest Paty beats anything I've ever witnessed in a fisherman. I swear he can smell them where they lay... We easily caught over 80-90 fish today on the roughest water I've ever been on anywhere
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Crappie Condos
Here is the place to learn, the answers to some of the more popular questions that I receive. Currently here is a step by step process on how to build the "Crappie Condo".   more >>>
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