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Thanks for one of the best days fishing of my life. I thought I knew quit a bit about Crappie fishing until today. Not only are you a great fisherman, you are able to teach others to fish so they can catch them too. You can be sure my wife and I will hire you again.

Bob Hutch

I was blessed with the opportunity to fish with a real true fishing mentor yesterday. We fished from about 2:30 till 6:30 and I brought home 23 of the prettiest crappie I've caught in a while. Pix to follow later. Ernest really knows his stuff as if I needed to tell anyone. I learned a ton. There are some of the biggest crappie I've seen on Cedar Creek. I can't wait to go there again. Ernest I owe you big time!!!!

Mike Wilson

I fished with Ernest on Ray Roberts Tuesday, and I learned a lot, and really enjoyed his company. I think I only scratched the surface in regards to his crappie fishing knowledge.
I told Ernest I wanted to take home some crappie to eat, so we didn't stop fishing until we located them, and boated 20 or so nice crappie. I just want to say thank you Ernest for a good trip and for sharing your crappie wisdom.

Lynn Storey

Let's just say Ernest Paty is the Man. Never seen anything like it. His experience is far and away superior. If I can fish like that in my lifetime I'll have accomplished something. If you ever get the chance to be in the same boat with him, it may pay off not to even fish. Just watch his every move. You will learn. He is one prepared son of a gun.
Ernest I have to say it was a great honor to be schooled by you and look forward to the next chance I get to do it again.

Wylie Crappieman

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I'm convinced, y'all. Ernest Paty beats anything I've ever witnessed in a fisherman. I swear he can smell them where they lay... We easily caught over 80-90 fish today on the roughest water I've ever been on anywhere
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