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What a day......2 hybrids (on 6lb line) 1 catfish, 2 bass, 1 drum, 120 crappie (35 keepers) Ernest, I had a great time, thanks for making me so tired that I am not even going to fish in the morning....lets do it again, but not tomorrow.

John Varner

I've been attending fishing seminars for many years. Generally I come away happy if I can learn just one thing new.....I can sincerely say.....Never have I even gotten close receiving so much usable information in such a short period of time. And, presented in a manner the average fisherman could grasp, and hopefully repeat when we hit the water.
Thank you for something that made even "Mean Gal" a pleasure to ride home with tonight.

Mike C

Holy freakin' cow, that was an awesome can always take info from that an apply it to other locations. I think he is planning on doing another one which will cover brush piles and a lot more stuff applicable to be on the look out!


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Fishing Video
Come along for the first in a series of instructional videos from the Crappie King himself. Ernest Paty is quite arguably the best all around crappie fisherman of our era!! Join him as he teaches a live seminar, on the basics of crappie fishing.
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I'm convinced, y'all. Ernest Paty beats anything I've ever witnessed in a fisherman. I swear he can smell them where they lay... We easily caught over 80-90 fish today on the roughest water I've ever been on anywhere
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Crappie Condos
Here is the place to learn, the answers to some of the more popular questions that I receive. Currently here is a step by step process on how to build the "Crappie Condo".   more >>>
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